B.I. (Before the Internet)

Before there were cell phones, the internet and computers:
1) People went to their friends' houses to talk.
2) People talked on their phones. (They didn't send typed messages.) You heard their voice. You heard people laugh. You heard when they were excited, or happy, or sad. It made you happy to hear their voices.

3) Before the internet, when people were together (با هم) they looked at each other and shared their thoughts. When you were with someone, you gave that person all your attention (توجه). When you give people all your attention, they feel happy and loved.
4) People smiled at each other, and used words to express their feelings instead of sending each other emojis. 😋  
5) People wrote complete words. They wrote, "I love you."  And not, "I 💓 u."  They wrote, "How are you?"  Not, "How r u?"  They wrote, "I'm great!"  And not, "i'm gr8."  What is more beautiful to read?  b4n   OR   Bye for now.

6) People played games that had parts (قطعه) you moved with your hands. You played with other people. You were all sitting together. You laughed with them and argued (مشاجره کردن) with them when you did not win (پیروز شدن)!  People played games they made themselves. 

You learned to make lots of things yourself (خودت).  They were colorful (رنگارنگ) and fun to make.  When you make things you learn to be creative (خالق).   
7) Before the internet, people read books made of paper. The book covers (جلد کتاب) were beautiful!  The paper was soft and had beautiful designs on each page. You could underline (زیر چیزی خط کشیدن) sentences that were special to you.

8) People wrote letters on beautiful paper. They put them in an envelope (پاکت) and chose (انتخاب کنید) a beautiful stamp (تمبر پستی) for the envelope. 

You would go to your mail box each day to see what was inside! You would see neighbors (همسایه) getting their mail. You would talk to each other and tell each other interesting things.
9) On your birthday, people gave you real flowers and not computer-picture flowers.

10) Before the internet, people didn't take photos of themselves all the time. They had so many things to do. (Why do people take photos of themselves all the time?)

These are the 10 things I remembered yesterday when a friend sent me a real letter. I was so surprised. I held (نگه داشتن) it in my hand like a gift. It was beautiful. It was special. It was wonderful! 
     But don't be sad!  I don't think the internet is all bad.  Thanks to the internet, you can read this story!  Hurray!